How can I place an order?

Ones you are logged in to your web shop, you can place an order by adding products to the cart from your catalog.

In the shopping cart, you are able to adjust volumes of purchase, so that you may want to benefit from discounts.

When you are finished with your order and you want to proceed just click on the checkout button. You will then arrive in the Checkout area, where you need to check-box the shop for which the order is generated. In case you wish to duplicate the same order for various shops, just check-box the various shop shortcuts. This you can do only when you have authority over more than one shop. Please also fill in your PO number and any other comments in the comments field area at the bottom of this page. When you are ready, please click on review the order.

The review section offers you to double check the complete cart contents, shops for which this order is duplicated, order totals, discounts and comments, and you will be able to check mark local personnel to receive an order notification. Ones everything is fine, please click on submit order.

You order now has officially entered our systems, and you will receive an order notification automated immediately. Within max 24 hours you will receive an order confirmation email, which indicates also the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) at your premise.

If you do not receive such emails, please get in touch with us asap as it looks like your order has not been finalized and entered our systems correctly.