Why is max. €50.- being charged for handling & shipment when orders are below €1100.-?

First, you are always welcome to place any size of order, whether higher than or below the €1100.- benchmark. Orders above €1100.- are Franco (DAP - Incoterms 2010!), meaning delivery will be at place, free of charge. Orders below this benchmark receive a max. €50.- handling & shipment cost.

Our current business model is based on this benchmark as there are base costs related to each order and delivery. It is very hard to generalize about such costs as order size, weight/volume combinations and destinations may vary largely from order to order. If your order falls short of the benchmark, we will charge you what we have been charged only and it will never be more than €50.- for shipments across Europe (except the Islands).

Please note: in order to minimize such handling & shipping costs per unit, it is always favorable to add let's say 50-100 pens to your order. Such are not costly, not heavy, consists of very little volume, do not touch your budgets negatively and always in need. And hence your extra handling & shipment cost will be divided by the extra number of pens added, so that your per unit shipping costs decreases greatly!