What to do when products are missing and/or broken during transit?

First of all, please read carefully the FAQ: How to securely accept parcels from our forwarder company?

In case you do not securely accept parcels from our forwarding companies, meaning that you sign the POD (proof of delivery) for good receipt of the merchandise and thus have NOT mentioned on POD "shipment is signed under subject of reserved rights only!", legally the liability and the responsibility is turning to you as the receiver. In other words, if PODs are signed clean, there is no way for us to make our and/or our forwarders insurance hold liable for damages and/or loss of merchandise. Neither will you be able to request a refund for your damage from any party.

Conclusion 1: please always sign the PODs with "shipment is signed under subject of reserved rights only!"

Second of all, in case your receive damaged merchandise or goods are missing partially, you need to contact us within max 24 hours after merchandise had been received. In case POD is not signed as stated above, there is nothing we can do for you, sorry. In case you have signed shipment under subject of reserved rights only, yourBRAND.biz may start an investigation and possible claim into the subject.

Conclusion 2: Only claims that are based under signature of reserved rights only, will be handled with and a possible refund will be based on what whatever we will be refunded by the insuring party.