Web based MIS trading system enables you to run a cost-efficient retail operation

Our web based to your needs customised order and fulfillment system records all activities around your retail operation and presents such in a valuable Management Information System online.

You can track purchase and sales activities, trace shipments, analyse products and their groups, shops and regions. You will receive performance indicators in many ways valuable to further grow your retail operation in the right direction.

You can run specific marketing activities in selected regions or individual shops or generally promote your merchandise in various regions with different price targets or if necessary or wished a customised portfolio.

Further, regional and chain managers can easily make central orders for multiple shops in one go efficiently. Can you imagine how much personnel cost you can save here in your operation?

Last but not least, whether you want to run a retail outlet in your premises and be active in direct interaction with your daily visitors at place or your aim is to promote your retail portfolio through your company magazine and visible shelves in your premises but generate sales exclusively through a (optional embedded) web shop solution with fulfillment direct to your member base, we are able to run this operation smoothly for you.