yourBRAND.biz specializes in providing health club chains with private label produce that merchandises successfully.

Providing strategic, cash-generating differentiators.

In order to service our clients well, we are partners in identifying well suited and trustworthy merchandising solutions such as padlocks, textiles, jumping ropes, towels, sweat bands, yoga mats, gloves, Gripads and much more that are able to upgrade your brand and sales volumes.

Your benefit: high service levels and quality control.

Working together with high-quality oem manufacturers only and in combination with our intensive knowledge in this specific niche-boutique market segment we are able to support you in the creation and continuously improving process of your successful point-of-sales outlet. 

Based on our far-reaching service levels that may include activities such as customised logistics and financing we have been chosen by large health club chains across Europe as their number one choice within their private label branding activities.

Our mission.

In conclusion, by providing a superior service i.e. from idea conception via design to warehousing in combination with on-time logistics and financing, we are your one-stop solution provider when it comes to your branding of quality private label produce that is deemed to successfully merchandise.  Therefore, our mission is:

to be the exclusive merchandising-products sourcing channel for a limited number of successful health club chains across Europe.

We look forward to serving you soon,

Your yourBRAND.biz team.