specializes in providing health club chains with
private label produce that merchandises successfully!

Providing strategic, cash-generating differentiators.

In order to service our clients well, we are partners in identifying well suited and trustworthy service and merchandising solutions.  Among other, we provide padlocks, textiles, towels, yoga gear, sporting gloves, Gripads and much more.  Our products are geared to upgrade your BRAND and sales volumes.

Your benefit: high service levels and quality control.

Working together with high-quality oem manufacturers across the earth only and in combination with our intensive knowledge in this specific niche-boutique market segment, we are able to support you in the creation and continuously improving process of your successful point-of-sales outlet.

Based on our far-reaching service levels that may include activities such as customized logistics and financing your retail operation, we have been chosen by large health club chains across Europe as their number one choice for their private label branding activities.

Our mission.

In conclusion, by providing a superior service i.e. from idea conception via design to warehousing in combination with on-time logistics and financing, we are your one-stop solution provider when it comes to your BRANDing of quality private label produce that is deemed to successfully merchandise. Therefore, our mission is:
to be the exclusive merchandising-products sourcing channel for a limited number of successful health club chains across Europe.

We look forward to creating and maintaining mutual successful partnership,
your team.


Identifying a successful retail portfolio for your segment and clientele

Whether you run a low-cost or a premium fitness chain, due to our experience and global strategic network, we have the experience to place the correct quality-price combination portfolio that suits your clientele best.

Our approach with acquiring new partners is conservative, in-aggressive and risk averse from our partners point of view.  Growth should be managed step by step rather than in an hyper manner.  Being partners in the long run is our aim, not short-term profits.  We always try to understate and over-perform.

Quality assurance for your chosen merchandise

We rigorously qualify & select top-notch OEMs for private-label produce only. This ensures that your BRAND will be matched with highest product quality available and at the same time reduce significantly after sales returns and customer dissatisfaction.  All of this is available at very competitive cost levels.

Expanding your BRAND awareness into new environments

By supporting you with high-quality produce, you will not only profit from an interesting ROI for such activities.  Your clientele relate easily to your merchandise and through such brand ambassadors it will enable your BRAND to travel and be recognized outside your doors premises.

Web based MIS trading system enables you to run a cost-efficient retail operation

Our web based management information system is customized to your needs.  You can track purchase and sales activities, trace shipments, analyse product groups, individual shops and regions.  You will receive performance indicators in many ways valuable to further grow your retail operation in the anticipated direction.

Specific marketing activities in selected regions or individual shops can be run and managed easily; outlet customized portfolios can be created.

Further, regional and chain managers can easily make central orders for multiple shops in one go efficiently.  Can you already envision the personnel cost you can save in your operation?

Last but not least, whether you want to run a retail outlet in your premises and be active in direct interaction with your daily visitors or your aim is to promote your retail portfolio through your company magazine and visible shelves in your premises but generate sales exclusively through an embedded web shop solution fulfilling directly your member base, we are able to run this operation smoothly for you.

SWISS based and still fully operational as if we were an EU enterprise

Headquartered in Switzerland and warehoused in The Netherlands provides our international customers large opportunities.  Not only are you profiting from a one-stop solution for your retail operation, you will experience manifold advantages.  You also will profit from an efficient and effective logistical process.  And due to our direct communicating to various EU and SWISS customs and tax offices, the tough work is done within your value chain without extra costs.


How can I place an order?

Please find our shop here.  Click on it and make any purchase as necessary.  In the shopping cart, you are able to adjust volumes of purchase, so that you may want to benefit from discounts.

We currently have a rather thin portfolio on stock and can produce for you any private label in any product-price combination you envision.

How long is my order in transit before it reaches my shop?

Ones your payment has been balanced on our accounts and the order being accepted, it will be executed.  From there any shipment throughout Europe has an Estimated Time of Delivery (ETD) within 5 working days.  For Greece, transit times are unfortunately max. 8 working days.  For European Islands, Turkey, Middle East, North-Africa and rest of the world, please consult us directly, before you place the order.

How to securely accept parcels from our forwarder companies?

Ones a parcel/shipment arrives at your shop, the forwarder company is going to ask you to sign the POD (proof of delivery).  The receiving personnel should always sign the Proof of Delivery (POD) paper with the written remark “shipment is signed under subject of reserved rights only!”

In case this is not done, the liability of missing and/or damaged goods is turned over to your shop ones the POD will be signed “blankly” and we are unable to initiate an insurance case.

So please make certain to always mention the sentence above, whilst accepting parcels!  If you do experience a damage or loss, please make pictures for proof whilst the delivery agent is still with you.

What to do when products are missing and/or broken during transit?

First of all, please read carefully the FAQ: How to securely accept parcels from our forwarder company?

In case you do not securely accept parcels from our forwarding companies, meaning that you sign the POD (proof of delivery) for good receipt of the merchandise and thus have NOT mentioned on POD “shipment is signed under subject of reserved rights only!”, legally the liability and the responsibility is turning to you as the receiver. In other words, if PODs are signed ‘clean’, there is no way for us to make our and/or our forwarders insurance hold liable for damages and/or loss of merchandise. Neither will you be able to request a refund for your damage from any party.

Second of all, in case your receive damaged merchandise or goods are missing partially, you need to contact us within max 24 hours after merchandise had been received.  In case you have signed shipment under subject of reserved rights only, may initiate an investigation into the subject and possible starts a claim with the respected forwarding company on your behalf.

Why are small orders being extra charged?

As we are a wholesaler, our prices are based on volume shipments and delivered per Franco shipment (DAP – Incoterms 2010!).  If you decide to make a small order, we need to charge an extra sum to cover mainly the handling costs and others for your order.

With regards to the padlocks it is advisable to always purchase per 160 units and preferably per 80 units per color as this makes the most efficient pricing combination for you available!

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